When your content isn’t resonating with your target audience, it can be challenging to determine why.

You’re posting content on your social media and business blog, your content is relevant to your business, and you’re tapping into things like trending topics and social media holidays. So why are your posts being met with the sound of crickets and the odd tumbleweed blowing past?

Getting your content right is tricky – it takes a lot of time and energy to get it to a stage that you’re happy with, and, a lot of the time, it involves a bit of trial and error until you find something that works. If you’re struggling to get your content to resonate, though, it may be an idea to address a few issues before progressing.

Here are 5 reasons why your content isn’t resonating, and our top tips for rectifying them:

1. Your content lacks consistency

Consistency isn’t just about posting on the same day each week. While this does help massively, consistency in the type of content you’re producing is vital when it comes to getting consumers onside.

Let’s think of an example – say you’re running a baking business and you update your business blog regularly. If you’re posting sporadic food reviews, recipes and how-to guides all at random intervals, your target audience may not know what to expect from you. Now, if you make it a rule to post a new recipe every single Monday and a how-to guide every single Thursday, your target audience will know what they’re getting and are far more likely to show up to consume it.

You can bolster your new routine by sending out matching weekly emails to direct potential customers to the content, and you may even want to create and post matching social media updates.

If your current content isn’t resonating, being consistent with your content will reassure your target audience that your business is one that sticks to its word and delivers what it says it will deliver, when it says it will deliver it. They’ll begin to understand that your consistent content is a reflection of the way your business works overall and will be much more likely to invest in what it is you’re offering.


2. You’ve misjudged your target audience

One of the biggest causes of content that isn’t resonating is misjudging your target audience. Your target audience changes all the time, and so do their wants and needs. Failing to keep up with these changes means that your content quickly becomes irrelevant, driving down engagement and interest.

Think of it like this – if you’re a cleaning company and are still blogging about jet washing patio areas ready for summer BBQs in December, that ship has sailed! The needs and wants of your target customers have changed – they’ll now be thinking about that new year deep clean their home could do with and would much rather read about this service than one that won’t benefit them immediately.

Consistent research and generally keeping an eye open for shifts in the wants and needs of your target audience will ensure that your content is resonating with the right people at the right time.

5 reasons why your content isn't resonating

3. Your content doesn’t tell a story

Telling a story through your content is vital when it comes to engaging your target audience and ensuring your content resonates with them. The last thing people want to read is one boring sales post after another!

When people engage with your business, it’s you who they’re interested in. They want to understand the culture of your business, your values, missions and goals. This enables them to really get a feel for the personality of your business, and, of course, the more they understand about your business, the more likely they are to trust what you’re selling.

If your content isn’t resonating, inject some personality into it by cutting down on the sales posts and instead post content that allows your target audience to get to know your business. Write a blog post about your business journey or a LinkedIn post about your day so far. Of course, you’ll want to link these back to your business and what it is you’re offering in some way, but focus on the storytelling and your target audience will be much more likely to engage.

4. Your tone of voice is off

Using the right tone of voice can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your content resonates with your target audience, but it can be difficult to determine what the right tone of voice is.

Again, as with most aspects of successful content, it all comes back to the target audience. Who are they? What are their needs and wants? How do they speak? What sort of business would appeal to them?

Take this as an example – if you’re running an experienced law firm and your content is waffly and colloquial, this may not resonate with the type of people you’re targeting. Law is a serious business, and the people you’re targeting will want to know that you’re taking their case seriously. Therefore, using a tone of voice and language that is serious and straight to the point will be a much better reflection of the business overall. Your content will resonate with your target audience because the way you’re presenting your content is already catering to their needs.

They’ll be reassured that the rest of your business will do the same.

5 reasons why your content isn't resonating

5. You haven’t enlisted a copywriter

Content creation isn’t for everyone. It can be incredibly difficult to get it right, especially if you’re not experienced in content creation or simply don’t have the time to keep on top of it.

Our copywriters and content creators here at The Edwards Company make it their mission to provide businesses with thoughtful, considered content that really resonates with their target audiences. Whether we’re writing blog posts for cleaning companies or newsletters for local charities, we always have their target audience in mind. We adapt our storytelling, tone of voice and language to each specific business and undertake research to ensure we’re getting it right each and every time.

In terms of consistency, we also have a range of flexible, affordable monthly content creation packages available so your target audience always knows what to expect from your business.

If you’re struggling with content that isn’t resonating and would like some more information on how The Edwards Company can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.