Our Content Creation Service

 Creating content for your business is vital when it comes to building and maintaining valuable relationships with your online audience – and eventually turning them into happy customers!

Here at The Edwards Company, we provide valuable, relatable content to be used across your marketing materials, with the intention of engaging and delighting your target customers.

We pay close attention to the demographics of your audience, adapting tone, language and topic to perfectly suit your needs, and theirs.

Whether it’s creative content for your business blog or informative articles for your external newsletter, our Content Creation team is dedicated to supporting your business with content that converts.

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Creative Areas Covered

  • Business blog content
  • Website content
  • Newsletter content
  • Social media captions
  • Offline marketing content

Content for Small Businesses

While we write for a wide range of businesses, our niche lies within the small business sector.

There’s nothing we love more than helping a start-up get off the ground with some creative website copy or working with small businesses to build a stand-out brand personality with a few fun blog posts.

Being a small business ourselves, we know what it’s like to try and carve out a little slice of the internet for yourself that will allow your business to bloom, so our aim is to make that process a little easier.

What we’ve learnt from working with lots of small businesses over the years is that sometimes, the smaller your business, the louder you need to shout about it. When this is the case, having copy and content that is packed full of personality, value and authenticity becomes your megaphone.

If you’re running a small business or are just starting out on your new business venture, we’d absolutely love to work with you.

Please feel free to get in touch with our copywriting team (they’re lovely – honest!) for a bit more info.

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Copywriting Packages

£45 / month

Small but Strong

● 500 words of unique content
● Proofreading
● Grammar check
● Editing
● 1 Stock image
● Monthly telephone consultation

£175 / month

Medium but Mighty

● 4x 500 words of unique content
● Proofreading
● Grammar check
● Editing
● 4 Stock images
● Monthly telephone consultation

£425 / month

Large but Legendary

● 8x 750 words of unique content
● Proofreading
● Grammar check
● Editing
● 10 Stock images
● Monthly telephone consultation

A bespoke plan

Unique but You

● Proofreading
● Grammar check
● Editing
● Stock images
● Monthly telephone consultation

Lisa is so easy to work with. She delivers promptly and is very focused on customer happiness! Thanks for a perfect job well done!

New York, USA

Really pleased with Lisa’s work – around 2000 words of excellent copy without a single typo or mistake.


Excellent work again. Does her research and uses all the right key words. Looking forward to working with her again 😉


Excellent work, good response time and understood the project very well. We will definitely be using her in the future.


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