Finding ideas for your business blog and creating engaging, valuable content is a full-time job. You want to post as regularly as possible to drive engagement and boost exposure, but coming up with multiple fresh ideas all the time can be challenging.

You may find that, around this time each year in particular, you’ve used up all your best ideas and are waiting around for inspiration to strike. We know all too well that sometimes, it just doesn’t.

With this in mind, we’ve collated an abundance of business blog post ideas to get that inspiration flowing again…


All About You

Human beings are curious creatures. If your customers are interested in your business and what you have to offer, the chances are they’re interested in you too. You can (and should!) use your business blog to give customers an insight into the person behind the business.

Now, this doesn’t have to be overly personal. You don’t need to share your morning routine or what you’re going to cook for dinner. But you could share your personal business journey or your dreams and aspirations for the future.

This allows customers to better understand the driving force (you!) behind the business and really humanises your business blog. And trust us, humans connect far better with other humans than they do with a laptop screen with words on it.

And the best part is, since you know yourself better than anyone! There’s going to be plenty to write about and you’ll be far less likely to be stuck when it comes to finding ideas for your business blog.


Personal Post Ideas

  1. Share your first ever experience of the working world – what was your role? Did you enjoy it? Did it have an impact on where you’ve ended up today?
  2. Discuss a personal goal or aspiration – this could be business based, or it doesn’t have to be. What would you like your business to look like in ten years? What do you personally want to achieve by the end of 2021?
  3. Share what your typical working day looks like – not only does this give customers and insight into your business, but it’s also a chance for you to showcase all the hard work and dedication that goes into running your business successfully.
  4. Share your thoughts on a specific topic – is there something within your industry that you’re not keen on? Something you’ve seen on the news that has piqued your interest? If you’re interested in it, your customers are likely to be too!
  5. Introduce customers to a part of your life that you wouldn’t usually share – do you have an interesting hobby? A pet that you dote on? By sharing more personal content, you’ll humanise your blog and boost that business-customer connection.



    Finding inspiration

    Big Up Your Business

    Since you’re writing a business blog, it makes sense to post about your business. But this doesn’t have to just include product promotions and service descriptions – business blogging should be all about solving, not selling. When finding ideas for your business blog, tap into the problems your customers may be facing and use your business blog to resolve those issues.

    Whenever we want to post about our business or industry, we head over to a handy little tool called Answer the Public. This magical little corner of the internet allows you to see what people are talking about in relation to your business or industry.

    Simply type in a related keyword, and it’ll throw up the most popular questions people have asked a search engine that include your keyword. For example, when we enter ‘copywriter’, it gives us questions like:

    • Why do I need a copywriter?
    • Where can I find a copywriter?
    • How do I write copy?

    There are literally hundreds of them. All you need to do is write a blog post answering those questions! You already know it’s valuable to your customers as they’re clearly out there looking for answers, and this tool gives you the opportunity to provide those answers without having to go out of your way to search for inspiration.

    Of course, there isn’t an endless list of questions to be answered, and you may find that some of them don’t provide enough inspiration for an entire blog post. Luckily for you, we’ve popped another few ideas down below.



    Business Post Ideas

    1. Bust a myth about your business – every industry has its own mix of misconceptions; use your business blog to correct them.
    2. Review your own products – there’s nothing prospective customers love more than honesty. Use one of your own products for a day and write an honest review of it. You can focus on all the brilliant elements of it, but don’t be afraid to make suggestions for improvements. This will show customers that you’re always striving for bigger and better.
    3. Share the spotlight – If you’re more than a one-man-band, shine a light on some of the other driving forces behind your business. Ask one of your team members to write about a day in the life of their role or to share their experience of working with you.
    4. FAQs – customers are always searching for answers, and you likely get asked a lot of questions about your business. Go through your DMs and emails, compile a list of common enquiries and answer them in a blog post. You’ll make it ten times easier for customers to find the answers they’re looking for.
    5. Share a struggle you’ve faced – not everything is plain sailing in business, and you should share this with your customers. Pinpoint a challenge you’ve recently had to overcome or one you anticipate being a problem in the future. This will only serve to highlight how important your business is to you and the effort you’re willing to put in to make a real success of it.
    Finding Inspiration

    Social Media Holidays

    There’s a social media holiday for pretty much every single day of the year. There are international holidays, fun holidays, industry-specific holidays, and everything in between (literally. National Nutella Day, anyone?), and you can look to these when business blog inspiration has deserted you.

    At the start of each month, we like to take the time to look through a social media holiday calendar (a quick google search will bring up hundreds!) and pick out two or three that we’d like to chat about. Sometimes we might just do a quick Instagram post or story to celebrate a specific day, but sometimes we may have a little bit more to say. If this is the case, we’ll build a blog post around it.

    While you won’t want to be posting about every single social media holiday that is in any way relevant to you, they are a great resource if you’re struggling to come up with a fresh content idea.


    Seasonal Content

    When the seasons change, the needs and interests of your customers change. What they search for in winter will be completely different to what they search for in summer and vice versa. You can tap into this and use the seasons to inspire your business blog content.

    Blogging is all about providing valuable content. There’s a little test we like to do at The Edwards Company to check our content’s value – will the reader leave with more than they came with?

    What we mean by that is, have we provided information that the reader can take away with them? Will the content have informed a decision? Will it have expanded their knowledge on a particular topic? Will they feel reassured about using our services or be more inclined to convert?

    If the answer is yes, we know we’re doing something right! Providing seasonal content that moves with your customers’ ever-changing needs is a perfect way to tick off the criteria for value.


    Seasonal Content Ideas

    1. Promote a product per season – is one of your products or services perfect for summer? Will it solve issues directly related to winter? Is there something that would make an excellent Christmas gift? Tell them why in a blog post! (This is also the perfect opportunity to throw in some season-specific keywords.)
    2. Celebrate real-life holidays (not just social media ones!) – do you have a special team lunch on Valentine’s Day? What does your work Christmas party look like? This is another opportunity to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business.
    3. Share how you cope with seasonal workload changes – do you have fewer employees on hand during the summer due to annual leave? Do you take a break over the festive period? Let your customers know how you manage these changes and reassure them (subtly!) that while workload may change, the quality of your service doesn’t.

    Finding inspiration for your business blog isn’t always easy – it’s a continual effort and can feel frustrating if you’re stuck for ideas. Hopefully, though, this blog post has reassured you that inspiration is out there, and it’s easier to find than you think!

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