What are the main reasons why your content on social media is failing? Is it a Lack of impressions, is it because your audience doesn’t react to the content you post or is it because you’re targeting the wrong audience group?

Seeing your hard work not pay off is tough and could unmotivate you. It may feel like every time you click that ‘post’ button on your screen, it’s as if you’re dragging your content into the recycling bin at the top corner of your desktop.

Content creation doesn’t and shouldn’t feel like this. Clearly, something isn’t right. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips you could use to try and revive your content.


Consistency is critical

Being consistent is one of the vital leading influencers to being successful in social media. Being consistent usually means posting good quality content daily so that the social media algorithm can pick up your content and show it to new people who fit your criteria.

However, creating and publishing posts daily is no easy task; on top of this, some posts might do better than others for no reason whatsoever. We understand this problem the most, which is why we’ve made a whole blog about keywords, what they are and how they are vital when it comes to getting your content noticed.

Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts can allow you to publish content on days you won’t be in the office, for example, Christmas or annual leave. Using a scheduling tool is like as if you had someone dedicated to publishing your posts precisely on time.

Scheduling content allows you to plan ahead, giving you extra time just in case anything pops up in the future.

Five reasons why your content is failing

Social media time capsule

You can also schedule posts for any point in the future. For example, you can schedule a post for a week, month, year, or even years in advance. (we don’t know why you would want to schedule a post for years in advance unless it was for a social media time capsule) anyway, you probably get the point by now: any time, post, or platform.


What scheduling tools can you use?

There are plenty of different scheduling tools that you can use for yourself. However, we use Facebook creator studio to schedule our Instagram posts and Loomly to schedule our Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

You have no content on standby

Having content on standby is similar to scheduling content. However, you are creating content for future use instead of scheduling for the future.

When creating posts and captions for the future, some things will and won’t work. For example, creating posts for your services to be published in a month is perfectly fine. However, creating a post for something like an event in a month causes multiple problems. Some of these are: you won’t have any photos to be used as the event hasn’t taken place yet for you to take any. Another example would be that you won’t be able to write about anything that happens in the event as it hasn’t happened yet.


How does it help?

Creating content to be used in the future is incredibly helpful as it:

  • Saves you time each day from creating posts and captions and allows you to refill your bank of content whenever you want for however long.
  • Allows you to put up any ’emergency posts’ just in case anything pops up unexpectedly
Five reasons why your content is failing

You don’t know your call to action

Pinpointing your CTA (call to action) is the first thing you must do when creating a post. It allows you to focus your content on achieving a target, which could be anything from getting your audience to follow you, getting them to like or share your post, or even getting them to purchase one of your services.


You don’t use a social media calendar

Social media calendars are an excellent tool for you to use, it allows you to pick up on any social media holidays or events that you could make a post based on.

Social media calendars can also help you when you don’t know what to post. For example, you could be utterly clueless about what to post for the day. However, it is conveniently ‘world coffee day’, meaning you could write something about how your body runs on coffee when you’re in the office, and how it keeps you going on a Monday morning. It’s free content!


You don’t have a virtual assistant.

If none of the above works for you and your content is still going down the social media drain, getting a virtual assistant could be an option. Virtual assistants can help you in many ways than one. We can schedule and create your posts while dealing with your blogs. We can even review your website for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Publishing at least one post per day of quality content may be impossible for you, but it isn’t for us.

For more information on our content creation services, please give us a call or contact us.