Influencing is big business. It’s infiltrated social media platforms over the past few years and continues to be one of the most effective marketing techniques of the decade. Influencers tap into trending products and topics to reel in massive audiences, convincing them to buy.

But what if you’re not a TikTok pro or looking to launch your Influencer career any time soon but still want to promote your product or service in the most effective way possible? How else can you create the buzz that Influencers do?

Your blog.

Business blogs are the OG Influencer. For years, they’ve been the go-to for online shoppers, wanna-be-bakers, fashion fanatics, and first time DIY-ers. They provide a credible, reliable source of information and can be used to draw potential customers into your sphere of influence.

But how does business blogging work when it comes to influencing? And is it possible to still rely on the written word to do your marketing for you, rather than trending sounds and viral dances?


How Blogging for your Business can Influence your Customers


More Reliable than Socials

While social media seems to be the go-to for obtaining relevant information, there’s still value in the credibility of the written word, it seems.

A recent study suggests that while retail and branding continue to lead the way when it comes to influencing, blogs are still more popular than Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube when it comes to sourcing reliable opinions and information.

People often find this information surprising when there is clearly such an obvious trend towards as social media preference, particularly among the younger generation, but the stigma of social media could be playing a part here.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have long been accused of allowing users to spread misinformation, meaning people have learnt to take things said within these platforms with a pinch of salt. Business blogs, on the other hand, are often run by industry experts with proven credibility.

It therefore goes without saying that, when it comes to influencing, your business blog could be an invaluable tool. You’ll be providing your potential customers with the credible, trustworthy information they haven’t been able to find elsewhere, building trust and encouraging them to make a buying decision.

The More you Know

Your business blog provides you with the opportunity to share copious amounts of information about your products or services. You can share customer reviews, pros and cons, in-depth how-to guides, advice and guidance – the opportunities really are endless when it comes to knowledge sharing.

And, as a customer, the more you know, the more comfortable you are with making that purchase.

In fact, according to recent research, ‘84% of online buyers have bought products based on descriptions they read in a blog.’ This is because business blogs work to break down, what we like to call, buying barriers. More on that next!

how business blogging can influence your customers

Blogs Break Down Buying Barriers

When you want to influence a potential customer, what you’re really wanting to do is convince them beyond doubt that they need your product because it’s the best one out there.

You do that by breaking down buying barriers. You’ll instantly recognise what we mean by this, because we all do it. It’s that little voice in your head that pops up when you’re about to click ‘buy now’ that says:

  • Hang on, do I trust this company?
  • Does this product actually work?
  • Is this going to be worth the money?
  • Is it going to solve my problem?
  • Do I really need it?
  • Is there something better out there?

When you’re about to buy something, your logical brain tends to think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t. The aim of the marketing game is to convince you that you should, breaking down the barriers that may otherwise have stopped you clicking that final button.

Hence, business blogging breaks down those buying barriers. Your business blog allows you to provide answers to all those questions potential customers may be asking themselves before purchasing your product or service. When they have all the information they need, there’ll be no excuse for them not to purchase.

Consider them influenced.


Strengthened Customer Relationships

People buy from brands that they trust. Think Nike, McDonalds, Tesco, Dove. When a brand has worked hard to build a solid reputation for itself, customers from strong bonds with that brand. They know what they’re going to get when they purchase, so they continue to do so.

Your business blog allows you to do a similar thing. By establishing yourself as an expert in your industry by sharing knowledge, information and advice on your blog, you’re working to convince customers that you’re the real deal. You know your stuff, and when they buy from you, they’re buying from reputable, credible business that has their best interests at heart.

The best businesses in the world are the ones that have created a loyal following by solidifying their reputation. Use your business blog to do the same, and you’ll be influencing left, right and centre.

Starting Conversations

The other thing people look to when making buying decisions are the opinions of those who have already taken the plunge and purchased. Your business blog offers the perfect space for those opinions to be voiced in the comments section.

You’ll often find that business blog comment sections are filled with valuable advice, opinions, thoughts and guidance from other customers. These conversations also work to convince potential buyers that your product is the one for them. They’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth that this product works, and are therefore far more likely to buy.

So, as well as your business blog doing some influencing all on its own, you’ll also be helped along by existing customers who are willing to sing your praises in the comments section.


how your business blog can influence your customers

Business Blogging with The Edwards Company


If we’ve done a good job at convincing you that your business blog is worth investing a bit of time and effort in then, a) well done us, and b) it’s time to take the next step!

Here at The Edwards Company, we work with businesses like yours to create creative, valuable, engaging content for your business blog. Get in touch with our brilliant copywriting team to start making the most of your business blog.