Joshua Watton

Accounts Apprentice

Bio: Josh joined us in 2021 and is one of our two account apprentices.

Before joining us, he has had a years’ experience at university studying accounting and finance. Due to the pandemic, he found online learning to be a struggle so he decided to leave and pursue a career at The Edwards Company.

Do you have any pets? No, But my girlfriend has a miniature schnauzer named Monty.

Favourite author: J.R.R Tolkien or George R.R Martin, I love their respective books along with the movies and shows too.

Favourite music: I am partial to any kind of music as long as we’re at a concert.

Pet peeve: My only pet peeve is when people interrupt me whilst speaking.

Favourite quote: “Hello There” – Obi Wan

Favourite film/TV show: Star Wars (except the sequels) & Spiderman (specifically Tobey Maguire ones).

Celebrity crush: Megan Fox.

Hobby: Football & Tennis.

Most people don’t know: I am actually bilingual; I can speak English and Swedish as my mother is from Sweden.

Favourite place(s) I’ve travelled to: Dubai, Sweden, Australia and America.

Favourite colour: Green.

Joshua Watton