When it comes to copywriting, one size most definitely does not fit all and figuring out what kind of copywriter you need can feel like a bit of a challenge.

Is it an SEO copywriter you’re after? Do you need someone to write your product descriptions? Someone to handle your social media captions? All of the above?

Ensuring you choose the right copywriter for your business is vital when it comes to getting more for your money. The more experienced your copywriter is in the field you need, the more likely that copy is to bring in conversions.

But with so many options out there, how can you decipher what kind of copywriter you need?


Types of Copywriters

While there are many different types of copywriters, it helps to start with understanding the basics:


SEO Copywriter

SEO copywriting has keywords at its core. An SEO copywriter will focus their role on providing content that is perfectly tailored to your target audience, with the aim of ranking on Google for the keywords you want to target.

For example, if you were looking to target customers in a particular area, you may turn to an SEO copywriter to create some location specific landing pages for you. These landing pages would incorporate extensive research into your target audience and the keywords they’ll be searching for to create pages that seem tailormade for them.

This kind of copywriter is less focused on writing creative content and more dedicated to ensuring what they do write shows up for the right people in the right places while providing the information they need to get them to click through to the rest of your website.

If tailored targeting is what you’re after, an experienced SEO copywriter is what you should be on the hunt for.


Creative Copywriter

If you’re looking for something a bit less technical and a bit more craft-focused, a creative copywriter could be the right choice for you.

Creative copywriters are all about creating pieces that speak to the emotions of your potential customers. Take your business blog for example – while you may still be aiming to prompt people to buy from you via this form of content, it needs to appeal to people’s emotions to do so.

When your audience is searching for advice, tips, opinions, and ideas about a specific topic, they’re likely to turn to blogs first. Blogs have a reputation for having a slightly more informal, friendly, and approachable tone than websites or landing pages, meaning they’re places people go to when they’re looking to make a decision or solve a problem for themselves.

Having a creative copywriter onboard allows you to tap into these pain points and utilise them in pieces that provide your audience with exactly what they need.

If you’re looking to create a business blog that your audience turns to regularly for information, advice, and ideas it may be worthwhile investing in a creative copywriter to keep your business blog up to date.


Social Media Copywriter

Gone are the days when being visible on social media meant throwing up a quick selfie and hoping for the best!

Social media copywriters work with the aim of creating a familiar, consistent brand voice across all your social media platforms, while also keeping up with trending topics, language and tones.

A social media copywriter will provide captions for regular posts that speak directly to your audience, with the aim of engaging as many of them as possible. They’ll conduct in-depth research into your audience on each platform, mimicking the way they communicate and utilising this to appeal to them in large numbers.

A social media copywriter will ensure that your business is given a relatable, approachable feel and will enable you to begin forming a valuable community that could turn into potential leads.

If you’re posting on social media currently but to no avail, a social media copywriter could make all the difference.

what kind of copywriter do you need

Email Copywriters 

When it comes to writing copy for your email marketing endeavours, it and be difficult to get the balance right. Too sales-y and you’ll send potential customers running for the hills. Not sales-y enough and your email will be lost in their inbox abyss.

Investing in an email copywriter is a great way to ensure that any mail you send out is targeted, valuable and less likely to end up in the dreaded spam folder. They’ll carry out in-depth research into your target audience and craft email copy that appeals to them directly. Coupled with well-thought-out CTAs, their aim will be to capture the attention of your mailing list and direct them through your marketing funnel.

If you regularly engage with your audience via email or want to start doing so, utilising the skills of an email copywriter could be hugely beneficial for your business.


Brand Copywriters

Brand copywriters help your business stand out from the crowd. Their main aim is to create a memorable persona for your business that will become easily recognisable and feel familiar to your audience.

They may be involved with creating catchphrases or slogans for your brand, or they may help you determine the right tone for your content that will ensure it connects with potential customers.

If you’re just starting out on your business journey, investing in a brand copywriter is worthwhile from the get-go. They’ll help you establish a unique voice for your business that can be utilised to help spread the word and develop a credible reputation for you and the services or products your business offers.

what kind of copywriter do you need

Choosing the Right Copywriter for You

Now that we’ve been through a few of the basic kinds of copywriters that might be beneficial for your business, it’s time to consider the best choice for you.

To do this, contemplate your end goal. Is it to bring in more leads via email marketing? Do you want to regularly update your business blog with valuable content? Is it time to up your social media game to build a community?

Determine what it is you want to achieve and then look for a copywriter who will be able to help you reach that goal.

This may sound like a challenge, but the good news is, that lots of copywriters are experienced in multiple areas! They’ll be able to adapt their skills to provide you with the kind of content you need, adding value to your business and giving your peace of mind that your content is in good hands.

If you’re looking for a copywriter but don’t know where to start, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our copywriting team who will be able to guide you in the right direction.