If you’re running a successful business, you may be wondering why your business needs a copywriter. You already produce content for both your online and offline marketing materials, you know how to put a blog or social media caption together. You have an understanding of the importance of sharing quality content with your audience. So why would you need someone else to do that for you?

The answer is simple. You don’t. You’d be quite within your rights to continue doing it all yourself. But you don’t have to. There are a plethora of reasons as to why your business needs a copywriter and why investing in one my benefit your business overall. Check out our reasons below so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to making the right choice for your business.


Why your Business Need a Copywriter

Having a copywriter saves you time

Time is precious when it comes to running your business. There never seems to be enough of it and days fly by before you can make any significant dents in your to-do list.

One task that is particularly time consuming is copywriting. With blogs taking two plus hours to write and constant social media captions to keep on top of, writing really can start to eat into your day if you’re trying to manage it all yourself. Not to mention all the research and proofreading that goes into it too – two hours soon turns into four, four into six and before you know it the day is over, copy still isn’t written, and your to-do list isn’t done.

Professional copywriters exist to combat this issue. Not only are they quicker at the writing process in general because of their experience, but it also means that any time spent on producing copy for your business isn’t your time.

You can reclaim those hours that you would usually lose to writing to focus on other important aspects of your business.


Copywriters give you a consistent brand voice

Consistency across your marketing materials – either online or offline – is vital to establishing a unique, recognisable brand for your business. Without it, you run the risk of sending mixed messages to your audience and thus reducing any chance you have of building trusting customer relationships.

Utilising the skill of a professional copywriter ensures that your copy is consistent across the board. They’ll conduct extensive research into your business, your brand and your audience to establish the right tone of voice and language to use, before replicating this across all of your marketing endeavours.

Not only will this provide you with high quality, thoughtful copy, but it’ll also work to delight your audience – their wants, needs and characteristics will have been considered and inserted into the copy, reassuring them that your business is the perfect solution to their problem.

why your business needs a copywriter

Copywriters provide you with constant content

When it comes to marketing your business, having a bank of usable content is a huge asset. But creating that bank of content yourself can be, as we know, incredibly time consuming. Having a copywriter on your team means you have access to unique, thoughtful copy at all times without having to put too much thought into it yourself.

For example, here at The Edwards Company, we provide weekly blog posts for some of our clients, meaning they always have content to share with their audience without having to spend their own time creating it. The same goes for social media. For one client in particular, we write five social media captions per week to capture the attention of their audience. Doing this themselves wouldn’t be viable because of the nature of their business, but having a copywriter means they don’t have sacrifice their content.

Consistency is key in the world of content and while fancy social media graphics may play a part, it’s all underpinned by the words that accompany them.


Copywriters offer niche expertise

When your business offers a very specific product or service, it’s important to appeal to a niche audience to ensure you’re capturing the right kind of potential customer.

With this in mind, many copywriters focus their attention on a particular industry or niche so they can infuse their copy with the expertise your audience will expect. For example, if you’re running a business that operates in the transport industry, you’ll want content that appears well-versed and knowledgeable. There will be copywriters out there who know this industry inside out and can provide you with content that meets expectations.

Here at The Edwards Company, our niche lies within the cleaning industry. We write for a number of small cleaning businesses, meaning a lot of our time is dedicated to researching topics, products, services and trends within the industry so that any copy we produce is as up to date and as relevant as possible.

Often, businesses worry about outsourcing their copy to someone external as they’re concerned they won’t know the industry well enough to write convincingly but that’s a myth that definitely needs busting! Copywriters make it their mission to know your industry inside out to provide you with high-quality, valuable content that will delight your customers.


Copywriters can help increase traffic to your website

Having a copywriter on hand to keep your business supplied with copy and content is one thing, but how does that translate to increasing leads and sales?

Because copywriters are so used to producing online copy, they’re well versed in techniques like SEO that can make a difference to how much traffic you see coming through your website. Copywriters will take the time to research keywords that could be beneficial to your business before implementing these in your content. They have an understanding of what people are searching for, meaning they can tailor your copy to the unique needs of your audience.

Copywriters also have an understanding of how to use things like meta descriptions and headers to your advantage. While these may not be huge, detailed pieces of copy, they are integral to ensuring your business is showing up in all the right places. Sometimes a carefully crafted meta description can have more impact than the on-page copy itself.

The same can be said when it comes to your website copy. Enlisting a copywriter means having copy on your website that is optimised for your keywords. Not only will it convey clear, concise messages to your audience, but it’ll also work to please search engines, meaning they may rank you more highly.

These things combined can lead to more traffic coming through your website, meaning more potential leads for you to nurture. Writing copy is more than just putting words on a page. Each word needs to be purposeful, especially when it comes to SEO.

why your business needs a copywriter

Copywriting with The Edwards Company

Here at The Edwards Company, we’ve seen first-hand the value a copywriter can provide for your business. We offer a flexible, affordable copywriting service to ensure your business receives the success it deserves.

If you think your business needs a copywriter, please do not hesitate to get in touch.