General Accounts Support

General Accounts Support for Your Small Business 

We’re dedicated to supporting your small business with comprehensive accounts assistance.

Running a small business is challenging. And with so much on your mind, managing your accounts can quickly become one of those tasks that feels overwhelming.

Here at The Edwards Company, we can step in to support the management of your accounts to take some of the pressure off. Whether you’re a start-up looking to implement financial systems or an established business seeking to streamline your accounting processes, we’re here to help.

general accounts support

Customised Account Solutions


Accounts management isn’t one size fits all. We work closely with your business to discover what’s important to you before implementing accounting processes tailored to meet your specific needs

Whether you require assistance with single tasks, like reconciling bank statements, or would like us to play more of an integral role in the overall running of your accounts department, our skills are at your disposal.

We work remotely to keep things running smoothly from afar, eliminating the expenses that come with taking on in-house staff (no paid coffee breaks for us!). But, if you need us to pop over to your premises initially to review your processes and help put new ones into place, we can do that too – best of both worlds!

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Efficient Systems Implementation


When it comes to managing your accounts, streamlined systems are the key to success.  We’ll review your current systems and offer advice for improvement, resulting in more efficient account management overall.

Or, if you’re a new business, we can offer advice on accounting systems that are best aligned with your business, ensuring your newly implemented practices keep your accounts compliant and organised.

And, as is the beauty of a virtual assistant, we’ll carry out the majority of your support remotely, but can visit you at your premises for system review and implementation to begin with. 

    Record Digitisation

    Holding onto records once your end of year accounts are completed and submitted is important. Keeping those records on paper? Not so much! HMRC don’t have a preference on how records are kept – electronic or cloud copies are fine.

    If you’re short on space or would just like things to feel more organised, we can digitalise your records, scanning and uploading to the cloud or creating PDF batches. All hail no more paper clutter!


    Software Proficiency

    All small businesses are different, meaning what works well for one may not work at all for another.

    We’re proficient in a range of accounting software, including Sage, Xero, FreeAgent, Zoho and Quickbooks, meaning whatever works best for your business, works for us too.

    General Accounts Support Packages

    general accounts support
    £290 / month

    8 Hours Monthly

    general accounts support
    £560 / month

    16 Hours Monthly

    general accounts support
    £1,400 / month

    40 Hours Monthly

    general accounts support

    Ad Hoc Support

    As Virtual Assistants, our only aim is to support your business. If General Accounts Support is something you’re interested in, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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