Credit Control

Would your Business Benefit from Professional Credit Control?

Credit control can be difficult to manage, particularly when running the rest of your business already feels a bit like spinning plates. It can be frustrating, time-consuming and unproductive if your processes aren’t refined.

Here at The Edwards Company, we offer monthly credit control support to ensure your accounts remain looking as healthy as possible.


Our Credit Control Service

There are many components to an effective credit control service, and we cover them all. As part of our support service we will:

  • Chase late payments
  • Reduce aged debt
  • Monitor cash flow

In doing so, we remove the stress of carrying out the process yourself while also helping you to avoid the concerns and consequences that come with aged debt as it begins to build up.

Our main aim as Virtual Assistants is to help your business run smoothly, and that starts with your accounts.


Your Credit Control is in Safe Hands 

When it comes to money management, it can be daunting to trust an external party with your accounts.

To reassure you that our service is safe, stress free and credible, check out these testimonials from happy credit control clients:

“It’s a weight off my mind knowing you and your team are takin care of our credit control.”

“I get really annoyed when people don’t pay, and that shows when I chase. It is much better with your team chasing payments, those emotions aren’t there!        You just get the job done.”

“I’m so happy we found you, you take all the credit control worry away.”

“I can’t give you enough of my work, I love that things get sorted so quickly.”

For further reassurance, head on over to our About page to meet the wonderful team on hand to support your credit control processes.

We know how to take care of business – let us support yours.

Credit Control Services

£290 incl VAT

8 Hours Monthly Credit Control Support

8 hours credit control support, ideal for small businesses or family enterprises where you are excellent at YOUR specialised service, but need some professional support to manage your aged debt

£570 incl VAT

16 Hours Monthly Credit Control Support

16 hours credit control support, small to medium businesses are suited to this package. You may be looking to expand your accounts department to include a credit controller on a part time basis

£1400 incl VAT

40 Hours Monthly Credit Control Support

We become an extension of your team, perfect for businesses wanting to hand the responsibility over for your invoice book in full

£42 / hour incl VAT

Adhoc Support

Adhoc credit control support, perfect for if you need help with one or two stubborn payers or you want to try our services out to see if we will work well together


Lisa’s firm is fantastic. (But please keep this a secret), They did credit control on old invoices and activated the majority of them. Brilliant!

Montberon, France

Lisa has proven herself a competent and caring administrator once again. Highly recommended every time


Would highly recommend, was very worried about passing my credit control over to someone but Lisa is professional and efficient, just wish I’d found her sooner


Lisa is fantastic and is improving our debtor collection by the day!


Lisa now updates me with a spreadsheet of work which gives me peace of mind on tasks completed. Thanks Lisa for the good work..


Lisa is very efficient at managing to chase down customers and getting them to commit to payment