Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry is often a time-consuming task, but one that is critical to the smooth running of a business. Data entry is the start point used to generate important documents and reports, and accuracy is needed to ensure that the end product is reliable.

Benefits to good Data Entry:

  • When data entry is done well you can use the data for all manner of things, from generating invoices and delivery paperwork to updating databases.
  • We have extensive experience in data entry- we are proud to have worked for businesses who are recognised both nationally, and internationally. We take confidentiality very seriously, often the data we work on is highly sensitive.
  • Data entry can be something done daily to maintain current systems, or we can take on one off projects that improve your business. Perhaps you need to digitalise old data into an electronic format, or you need to move data from an outdated system to a new and improved system. It is important this is done accurately, and in a timely manner.

What bad data entry can do to your business:

  •  If research isn’t undertaken about your marketplace or potential customers, there’s a chance you could be selling to the wrong people
  • Miss out an opportunity to sell more effectively- You may be missing out on appealing to your target audience 

Why outsource your data entry?

·         It’s cost effective- You don’t have to spend the time on recruitment to find someone who’s experienced enough to handle your workload. We have already recruited staff who are tried and test and can handle any data you have!

If data entry is getting you down, outsourcing is your best option. The Edwards Company can help you focus on your business while we take care of your data.

For more information about our Data Entry Service, contact us on [email protected] or call 01384 626 313.