Data Entry

Our Data Entry Service 

Our Data Entry service provides you with data entry experts who have a keen eye for detail and accuracy.

While most people dislike data entry and the time-consuming attention to detail it requires, we thrive when it comes to ensuring data is inputted, exported and stored correctly.

To ensure your data is being managed efficiently, we can take on the following tasks:

  • Updating your online address book
  • Generating an online database from a hard copy version
  • Entering product codes to generate PODs and postage labels
  • Entering data to generate invoices and statements
  • Entering addresses and customer data to generate letters
  • Analysing data and collecting relevant points for your reports

You may love data entry, or you may loathe it – but the important question is:

Do YOU need to do it? Or can someone else cover this area so you can focus on managing and growing your business?

problem solving with a virtual assistant

Undecided about Outsourcing your Data Entry tasks?

Is your time better spent following up warm leads, or should you spend it entering data onto your CRM?

You already know the answer. Your time is incredibly valuable – don’t choose to spend it completing tasks that can be outsourced and completed by experienced professionals.

If you’d like to discuss your workload further and the potential for Data Entry outsourcing, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Data Entry Packages

£290 / month

8 Hours Monthly

£560 / month

16 Hours Monthly

£1,400 / month

40 Hours Monthly


Ad Hoc Support

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Excellent job. Highly professional, constantly updated on progress and got through so much in such a short amount of time. Would highly recommend.


I’ve used Lisa’s admin services for a number of months now. I won’t be looking elsewhere as the quality of service is excellent.


Excellent, I use and will be using Lisa on an on-going basis due to the high level of service she offers


Quick and accurate completion of the work, and with clear, prompt communication. Lisa comes highly recommended.


Very professional, responsive, high-quality work. Will work with again.