Copy Typing

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to type your handwritten notes and make digital versions of them that are easier to understand. Or you may have a digital copy but need to make it into a format you are able to edit. An often-lengthy process you do not have the time for.

Benefits of outsourcing your

copy typing:

  • Notes are easier to use in any business situation such as when putting forward ideas in a meeting
  • When notes are typed up, grammatical errors will be flagged and corrected
  • Useful if your handwriting isn’t easy to read and you can articulate your ideas, so they are much clearer
  • A digital copy is for life, and is editable should it need to be updated in the future

Effects of bad or lack of

copy typing:

  •  Your ideas may not be clearly understood if not typed up- Handwritten notes are not usually the easiest to understand
  • Lose professionalism and integrity if grammatical errors aren’t corrected- People can’t stand poorly written ideas, your suggestions may be overlooked because of poor grammar and presentation
  •  If you don’t have a digital copy it is easy to lose your work

You have an experienced and efficient typist whenever you need one! We are here to help lighten your workload and allow you to use your time more effectively. Please contact us for more info at [email protected]