Dobby Edwards

Company Mascot

Bio: Dobby joined us in the Autumn of 2019. He is our company mascot.

This is Dobby’s first job, he’s been with us since he was a puppy and has gone from a small puppy pen, to a private office to have the run of the whole floor!  He is excellent at working to deadlines and runs a smooth routine of walks, toilet and snack breaks. He offers stress relief to the team and can often be found sat beneath a desk, and occasionally asleep on someone’s lap!

Do you have any pets? Two humans, they are well trained.

Favourite author: I’m not allowed to chew books.

Favourite music: The sound of the fridge being opened. 

Pet peeve: Treats cut in half.

Favourite quote: “Dinner!” 

Favourite film/TV show: 101 Dalmatians and The Dog House 

Celebrity crush: Lady from The Lady and the Tramp. Wit woo!

Hobby: Eating, sleeping and chasing a ball. 

Most people don’t know: Sometimes I smell like a hamster.

Favourite place(s) I’ve travelled to: I like coming to the office to spend time with my ladies. 

I’d most like to travel to: I want to go to Vegas, I think I would do well at craps (hang on, I’ve just been told it’s something different to what I thought…)

Favourite colour: Yellow.