Nicole Phillips


Bio: Nicole joined us as our Receptionist in 2022. Previously, she spent time working as a Dental Nurse and in domiciliary meaning she’s brought some excellent people skills with her into her new role. 

Do you have any pets? None 

Favourite author: I don’t do much reading now (I never have time!) but I always loved Roald Dahl books growing up and can’t want to introduce my little one to them. 

Favourite music: Old school R&B or Motown 

Pet peeve: People who talk over you when you’re speaking and liars!

Favourite quote: “The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel 

Favourite film/TV show: My favourite films ever are Dirty Dancing and The Notebook. I don’t watch a lot of TV now, only the soaps at night.

Celebrity crush: Richard Blackwood or Usher

Hobby: I don’t have any.

Most people don’t know: I’m double jointed in both of my hands which means I have really bendy fingers – it’s actually quite gross!

Favourite place(s) I’ve travelled to: Egypt

Favourite colour: Pink