The small business world is dynamic and competitive, leading all small business owners to one important question – ‘how can I elevate my small business and make it stand out from the rest?’

The answer could lie in investing in a professional content writer.

Research suggests that ‘content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less’. If you want to make your business pop in a saturated market, investing in your content is a great way to start.

A professional content writer’s purpose is to create compelling, engaging content across all your platforms that appeals directly to your specific target audience. Here’s why you should consider hiring one to help boost your business…


Why you Should Hire a Professional Content Writer

Writing Expertise

While anyone can knock out a quick blog post or email campaign, it takes skill to write them in a way that will attract the right kind of attention. This is part of the reason professional content writers can be so valuable to small businesses.

Content writers are experts in their field and have plenty of experience under their belt of crafting content for small businesses that really works. They’re skilled in understanding your business and your content goals, your audience, and your brand, but most importantly, they’re experts in being able to capture the essence of your business in written form.

Having a professional content writer on your team can elevate your existing marketing materials and help you create news ones designed specifically to delight your target audience and push your business to the next level.


Quality Content

Writing quality content isn’t just about writing a blog free from spelling and grammar errors. What search engines look for when considering whether something is quality content or not is value. That means, is the piece of content providing something that a specific audience is looking for?

If the answer is yes, that’s great! Your content will be boosted by search engines and may appear higher on results pages. If the answer is no, however, it may be difficult for your audience to find your content in the first place.

Investing in a professional content writer means investing in content that is highly valuable and engaging for your target audience. Discoverability is key when it comes to content, particularly in the saturated small business market. So, investing in someone who can make your content stand out from the crowd and attract the right kind of attention can be incredibly beneficial to the success of your business overall.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Running a small business is no mean feat, and as skilled as you might be at keeping on top of things, there’s never enough hours in the day to do absolutely everything. Content creation can sometimes be one of those things that gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. It’s time-consuming, and it takes attention away from core business tasks. But without it, you miss out on all the benefits content can bring.

A professional content writer can take content creation tasks off your hands, restoring your precious time to you. Instead of spending your Monday morning creating some quick-fire social media captions to last you the week, or your Friday afternoons cramming in a last-minute blog post, a professional content writer can spend their time crafting these things carefully.

Not only will this improve the quality of your content overall, but it’ll also mean you’ll reap all the benefits of having great content for your business without having to invest your time in creating it.



Branding Consistency

Consistency is the key to creating a recognisable brand identity. This is an area in which professional content writers excel, with their focus continually on creating a consistent tone, style and message across all your content platforms.

A consistent brand voice is critical if you’re looking to form lasting connections with your customers. It helps to build trust and credibility and helps set your small business apart from others in your industry.


Tailored Messaging

The beauty of a professional content writer is the fact that they have the time and resources to really delve into target audience research. They’ll make it their mission to get to know your target audience inside out – from their age and location to the type of language they use, from their preferred social media platform to their lifelong dreams and desires.

A professional content writer will absorb this information and let it infiltrate everything they write for your small business. This will create highly tailored messaging, designed entirely with your audience in mind. This level of personalisation in content writing serves to from connections with your customers, as well as build high levels of trust and credibility across all your content platforms – an invaluable benefit for the success of your small business.



Professional content writers are incredibly versatile, using their skills to create a range of content types, all with the same goal in mind. Whether it’s blog posts, social media captions, newsletters, email marketing campaigns or any other written content, professional content writers can turn their hand to any written content you may need.

And, having one person focus on all your content marketing materials and platforms means all content is consistent in terms of branding and targeting, making for a compelling, cohesive content marketing strategy overall.


Professional Content Writing at The Edwards Company

Hiring a professional content writer is a great way to push your small business to the next level. It’ll elevate your existing reputation, making your content recognisable, engaging and exciting for your specific target audience.

For more information on our content writing services or to book your content support service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.