Our accounts department is an incredibly busy place. Not only do we have our own accounts to contend with, but we also manage accounts for clients too!

Because of this, we need all hands on deck at all times – but sometimes even that isn’t enough! With this in mind, we began a hunt for a brilliant Accounts Assistant earlier on in the year. Thank goodness we found June!

June supports our accounts department two days a week and believe us when we say, we’ve never seen anyone complete so much work in such a short amount of time!

To get to know June and her role a little better, we sat down with her for a quick chat.


An Interview with June


What is your work history?

I spent 10 years in accounts before having a complete career change and becoming a prison officer! I did this for 21 years before working in accounts again.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the accuracy element of it – knowing that you’ve done the job right is very rewarding!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are there any similarities between that and your role now?

Cabin crew – I don’t think there are many similarities, no!

An interview with June

What is your least favourite task associated with your role?

I don’t have a least favourite!

What is your specialist service at The Edwards Company?

Accounts support

Three words to describe your role:

Administration, cash-allocation, reconciliation

Favourite way to spend your lunch break?

Eating and ringing the hubby!


We could chat to June all day! To find out more about our other team members, visit the Meet the Team page on our website – you never know what you might discover!