Taking on the role of Office Manager. There’s the admin side of things to think of – ensuring stationery orders are put in, sending out reminders for time sheets etc – and also the more human side of things to take into consideration. Is everyone happy? Has every put the correct holiday in at the correct time?

It takes someone incredibly organised, personable and all-round brilliant to carry out the role successfully. Luckily for us, our Office Manager, Sarah, embodies all of these qualities and more.

We sat down recently to find out a bit more about Sarah, what it’s like to work at The Edwards Company, and how it feels to manage an office full of Virtual Assistants.


An Interview with Sarah

When did you join The Edwards Company?

I joined in 2017 as an Accounts Assistant and took on the role of Office Manager in 2020.

What is your work history?

Before joining The Edwards Company, I worked in sales admin.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Definitely being a part of The Edwards Company team.

As a child what did to want to be when you grew up? Are there any similarities between that and your role now?

I wanted to be a flight attendant – I was going to say no but I suppose organisation and people skills are skills that I could transfer to that job!

What is your favourite thing about being in a management role?

My favourite thing is that every day is different – no two to-do lists are the same!

What do you like most about managing the office for The Edwards Company specifically?

The team make it easy to manage! Everyone is easy going and no one causes any trouble at all.

A interview with Sarah

Which of your skills do you think have best allowed you to succeed in your current role?

Definitely my organisational skills!

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about your role so far?

Not to let things build up – if it needs doing, get it done! And also try not to multitask, it’s not as productive as it seems!

Sum up your role in three words:

Interesting, rewarding (because part of my role is to support other members of the team) and fun – it’s not the same every day!

Because Sarah is always so busy, it was lovely to take a break with her for a quick chat! To find out about our other team members, please visit our Meet the Team page. You never know what you might discover!