2020. A bit of a rocky year, to say the least. We know now what it’s like to live through a global pandemic. We know how strange it feels to exist within these unprecedented times, when we’ve spent our whole lives living in times that have been, by comparison, quite precedented. We’ve become acquainted with previously unheard-of terms like ‘social distancing’ and ‘furlough’ and we’ve had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ that, most of the time, doesn’t feel very normal at all.

We also know that keeping a business running through the biggest global pandemic in living memory can be, to put it mildly, quite the challenge. With a shrinking economy, an insistence on remote working and no end in sight, it can be difficult to know what do for the best. But there is something you can do, right now, that might just save the day…


‘In an attempt to develop greater business agility and resilience, companies are increasingly looking to reduce Covid-19 risk through outsourcing,’ says Nick Ismail in Information Age, and he’s right. Now more than ever, businesses all over the world are looking to outsource at least one business area, and here’s why you should too:

1 Cost Effective

Running a business is expensive. This isn’t new information. But with the economy in jeopardy and consumers earning and spending less than ever, reducing business costs will prove essential to the continued smooth-running of your organisation throughout the pandemic.

Outsourcing your admin, data entry, credit control or customer service support to remote professionals is one of the best, and easiest, ways you can do this. Outsourcing is far less expensive than hiring in-house employees to do it for you and ensures that these important services are still being completed to your usual high standards, just without breaking the bank.

2 Remote Ready

A year ago, working ‘remotely’ was something we could only dream of. It was a laptop in one hand, a questionable cocktail in the other and white sands and a rolling ocean doubling as an office stretched out in front of us. But, as we know, the reality is very different and hundreds of thousands of us have been forced to work from home in order to protect ourselves and others.

This is fine, for the most part. Not ideal, but fine. But what happens when the work can’t be completed remotely? What happens if your staff do not have all the tools they need at home? Business productivity may suffer which, as you know, can have a multitude of consequences.

Outsource providers, however, are already well accustomed to working remotely and will therefore have all the tools they need to hand to be able to work efficiently and consistently for your business, regardless of the ever-changing circumstances.

3 On-boarding Process Elimination

Hiring and training new employees during a pandemic is not an easy process. Conducting an interview with a person you can’t see or training a new employee through a screen can be challenging and, more often than not, ineffective. Besides, we’d probably all be quite happy if we never heard the phrase ‘zoom call’ ever again.

Outsourcing eliminates all of this.

You can hire established professionals who are ready and waiting to do the job, fully trained and committed to providing your business with excellent services. No fuzzy webcams necessary.

4 Customer Satisfaction

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, outsourcing guarantees that your customers remain satisfied.

You will not have to sacrifice high standards in order to save money. You will not have to choose between keeping up with credit control or providing excellent customer services. You will not have to work your in-house employees to the bone just to get by. When you outsource, your business can continue to run smoothly without living in fear of what the next news update might bring.

At EdCo, we know a thing or two about outsourcing and have witnessed first-hand over the last few months just how much of a lifeline it can be. Companies we’ve worked with previously have turned to us in this time of need and we have provided them with high quality outsourcing services that, we hope, have made navigating this difficult period a little easier for them.

Outsourcing is efficient, effective and consistent. It’ll save you money, alleviate remote work worries, eliminate tricky on-boarding processes and maintain customer satisfaction, as well as allowing you to have peace of mind that the services you have outsourced are in safe hands.

In fact, outsourcing may just be the reason your business emerges from this pandemic, bigger and better than ever.

If you think outsourcing may be beneficial to your business, check out our website. Let’s get through this pandemic together. https://edwards-pacompany.com/

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