Getting your customer service techniques right can be very challenging but rewarding none the less. It is a skill that can take a lot of time to master but, by using these few tips, you will be well on your way to improving the quality of your customer relationships!

Let us look at restaurants as an example (note: maybe it is the looming lunch delivery that has made us think this way!). Usually as soon as you enter a restaurant you are greeted by a friendly smile and a polite team member ready to seat you.  A welcoming person helps to make sure the customer feels welcomed into the restaurant, so you are starting the experience off on the right foot!

So how can you provide the best quality customer service over the phone and through emails for your business?

To start with, it is all in the first piece of engagement you have with the customer, as this can decide whether they want to use your business to fulfil their purpose or not. Manners go a long way in the area of customer service, would you really pick up the phone to a potential customer and just say “hello?” Of course not! So instead, why not open with a bit of conversation to engage with the customer? “Good afternoon this is Harry* how may I help?” (*I’m Harry, you may continue to use your own name unless today you feel particularly Harryesque!)

Phone calls that start like this are much more likely to increase engagement with a customer, but it is important not to sound ‘rehearsed’ as if you are reading a script or “going through the motions”. You want to make each call personal to them and show that you are interested in how they are doing. No one likes a bored bunny!

Now emails can be trickier. When trying to contact a customer for a product or service they are interested in, it is important not to overwhelm them with information. This could put them off using your service or product. You don’t really want to read about how someone’s product is the best in the business, we’ve heard it all before. Just provide a few clear points as to why it can be beneficial – what you offer that no one else does. By doing so will spark a much higher interest and generate warm leads to convert into sales.

We are experts in this area and are happy to provide support from reviewing your current practices, helping you implement new ones or taking care of it all – from start to finish for you!

Let’s look back at restaurants. When we go out for food, how often do you see people taking pictures of a well-presented plate, often right? This is the best kind of advertising you could hope for – word of mouth. Simply by delivering excellent service levels and presenting yourself at your best, you will be all over Instagram for all the right reasons! Polish those shoes, ready to put your best foot forward!

Just by adding these few little customer service tweaks, you can begin to see the change in your customer behaviours and relationships with your brand. This will keep them coming back for more.

If this is something you believe you need to develop, or want to know more about why not give us a call on 01384 626 313 or visit our website.

We hope this starts your journey of enlightenment to giving the best customer service possible!

The Edwards Company (UK) Ltd is based in Wombourne, West Midlands and is proud to support local businesses in the Wolverhampton and Birmingham areas. Due to our Virtual Services being, well virtual(!), we can work with companies around the UK. We already offer customer service support to clients in London, Bradford and Glasgow and would love to help your customers receive the best care levels too.