Affordable Packages with The Edwards Company

Launching your local business is an exciting process filled with countless opportunities for success. You’ve done the groundwork, you’re up and running, and your new venture looks set to thrive – but as your business grows, you may find yourself looking for an extra pair of hands to help with the continued smooth running of your business.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place. The Edwards Company is a Virtual Assistant service, specialising in credit control support for new local businesses. We work with clients in and around the West Midlands (where our offices are based) and have a wide variety of affordable support packages to help you and your business grow.

Our Packages Explained

With so many Virtual Assistants out there and so many support options to choose from, the search for the perfect VA can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve separated our services into easy-to-understand packages that will enable you to make the right decision for your business:


Our smallest package deal is perfect for small businesses just starting out. You’ll receive 8 hours of credit control support per month for only £290. We’ll chat with you to discuss the best approach for your business and will keep you in the loop with regular updates.


Slightly larger in size, this package enables you to use our credit control services for £16 hours per month for £570; a really affordable package, brilliant for businesses in their growth stage, particularly if you’re an SME and reluctant to take on more in-house staff.


For larger businesses, this package affords you 40 hours of credit control support per month for £1400. You’ll be able to ensure your business finances are under control as your business continues to expand.


With our ad-hoc package, you’ll be able to use our services as and when you need them, without the commitment of subscribing to a package deal. Sometimes situations can arise (a global pandemic, for example) that can impact your business; staff shortages, lockdowns and the furlough scheme have all meant that many companies over the last year or so have reached out to Virtual Assistants for business support. For just £42 an hour, we’ll provide you with as much credit control support as you need at that time – we’re flexible if you are!

How can these packages help with my local business launch?

An explanation of our packages may be all well and good, but as an entrepreneur launching a local business, how do you know whether or not you require credit control support? And what are the benefits of outsourcing it to credit control specialists?

Credit control, outsourced or not, is vital to the success of your business. Without it, you run the risk of building up aged debt thanks to late payers, resulting in reduced cash flow. Cash flow that is unreliable and unpredictable due to neglected credit control management can be the reason as to why your business fails. Eventually, the situation becomes irreparable, and you’re forced to go back to square one.

By having an effective credit control management system in place right from the word go, you’re ensuring that your finances will always be in order. Late payments can be chased without severing customer relationships, aged debt won’t build-up, and cash flow into your business will be steady.

Of course, credit control can be done in-house, but more often than not, businesses that are just launching may not have the resources to onboard an entire team of credit control specialists. Paying employees to manage your finances can be too costly, and with added extras like employee benefits, it just may not be feasible. Enlisting a Virtual Assistant to help manage your credit control system ensures that you only pay for what you need and are not having to fork out for extras that will not benefit your business. You’ll also be ensuring that your finances are in excellent hands. With a combined 40+ years of credit control experience behind us, The Edwards Company credit control specialist team are highly-skilled and trained in this area and know exactly how to keep your cash flow on track.

If you’re launching a local business in or around the West Midlands and are looking to secure your finances right from the get-go, consider working with The Edwards Company. Get in touch via our website today; we’ll have a chat about your needs and get you started on your new venture secure in the knowledge that you’re setting yourself up for success.