Outsourcing has become an incredibly popular business strategy for many companies looking to maximise their overall efficiency and productivity. From streamlining processes to reducing employee costs, utilising a larger talent pool and improving work quality, outsourcing is quickly becoming a popular choice for getting the best out of businesses.

When you outsource, you delegate specific tasks to an external professional with developed skills in the particular area of the task concerned.

For example, many businesses choose to outsource their marketing requirements to marketing agencies, rather than running the department in-house. Here’s why…


How Outsourcing Maximises Business Efficiency

Outsourcing maximises business efficiency in a number of ways, which is why so many companies are utilising the benefits outsourcing can offer.

Cost Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest swaying factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to outsource is cost efficiency. We all know that taking on in-house staff is a big commitment and an expensive one at that. Particularly if workload fluctuates regularly, you may find yourself paying employees regardless of the fact that there may not be enough work for them to complete.

Outsourcing helps you control costs where infrastructure, software and personnel are concerned. It allows you to take on extra support when you need it, and reduce it when you don’t – meaning you don’t end up paying for a service you don’t need.

According to research, outsourcing savings ‘can range from 25% to 45%’, all of which can be invested back into your business.


Workload Efficiency

Many businesses choose to outsource when workload is at its heaviest. Without external support, you may find that time-consuming, non-urgent tasks begin to build up. This can be a particular problem for small businesses with limited team members.

Outsourcing certain tasks like admin or credit control means workload is better managed and tasks are completed more quickly than if they were being dealt with in-house. Remember, outsourced professionals are dedicated to one task at a time, meaning they can achieve it efficiently and to a high standard.

Outsourcing also tends to be more workload efficient if you have specific, last-minute tasks that need completing. Say you require a blog post being written for a last-minute announcement or need to cover social media while your attention is being pulled in other directions. Instead of rushing the job or putting it on the backburner altogether, outsourcing means having experts on hand to support you as and when you need it.

There’s also no need to spend time onboarding more in-house staff while the unallocated workload steadily piles up in the background. Instead, outsourced professionals can get started on making a dent in your workload as soon as you need them to.

maximising efficiency with outsourcing

Employee Efficiency

Delegating tasks like admin, credit control or copywriting to external outsourcing parties leaves your employees free to focus on your core business competencies. When the workload is heavy, employees can get bogged down with the weight of it and may find it challenging to prioritise (everything feels important when you’re running a business!). This can lead to a lack of energy being put into your core business aspects, meaning the business as a whole fails to progress as much as it could.

By outsourcing particular tasks, you take some of that pressure off your existing employees. For them, the workload will feel more manageable. They’ll be able to work on their area of expertise rather than picking up other, less relevant tasks along the way, and they’ll feel more satisfied in their role knowing that things are running smoothly.

You may also find that they’re able to get their particular tasks completed more quickly now that their area of focus has been reduced. Of course, this will only benefit your business and allow it to grow in the way it deserves.


Outsourcing with The Edwards Company

No matter how big or small your business is, or where it is on its progress journey, outsourcing can maximise efficiency. Whether it’s helping to manage a heavy workload, reducing overall costs or giving your in-house employees the chance to do what they do best, your business will benefit from a decision to outsource.

If you think your business may benefit from outsourcing, we can help. We provide professional support in:


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