Blogging for your business is essential, now more than ever. It is no surprise that throughout 2020 and 2021, with a little (a lot!) of help from the pandemic, we have seen many businesses forced to take their work online. We have seen retail businesses swapping store for site, redundancies from current employment turn into brand new self-employed ventures, and the lack of face-to-face opportunities turn people to the online world to promote their existing services and products.

We know that taking those first steps into the virtual business world can be quite daunting. With retail shops shutting, events cancelled, and high street traffic massively reduced, it’s understandable that might leave you wondering where your next customer will come from. Well, we can tell you from experience that blogging is a great place to start!

Whether you’re just starting with your new online venture or simply expanding your current empire, blogging is absolutely essential in creating a strong online presence, building your brand and, of course, generating those all-important sales.

Why blogging is essential in a virtual world

A blog will help you develop relationships and attract new clients online

With most face-to-face networking and other group events cancelled, the chance to meet someone, spark a conversation and sell your brand feel pretty much slim to none right now! However, this doesn’t mean that the opportunity to get your brand out there isn’t available. You simply need to attract your custom in an alternative way –  blogging is essential for this! It allows you to draw in business and strengthen relationships with both new and current customers.

Blogging allows you to introduce potential customers to your brand, inform visitors of your services or products, and engages both new and existing customers. Posting relevant, informative, and current content for people to read is a sure way to give anyone visiting your website a full understanding of everything you’re about, without them even meeting you in person.

It generates free, virtual marketing!

So, your blog post is written and uploaded. Finished, right? Wrong! If the content you post is informative and engaging, it will have no expiry date. The leads you generate through your blog don’t necessarily come from your most recent post. A massive 90% of leads come from blogs posted previously. This can be months ago, or even years!

By posting a blog, you are posting easily sharable content creating the potential for viral traffic to your website and, in turn, market growth, all online. Many people have turned to social media platforms during this pandemic to share their recent discoveries, interests and recommendations with others. With every share, tag, and tweet your content is shared with a whole new virtual audience you may not have known was out there.

And don’t forget, those search engines will love your blogs!

We all want more visitors to our website, don’t we? Search engines love fresh, valuable content! How often do you add a new page to your website or update the information on there? By adding a blog to your website, you’re providing these search engines with regular fresh content to index for searchers. It’s also an excellent opportunity to plug those all-important keywords to maximise your visibility in search results.

Our Blog Writing Service 

If the traffic through your shop door is restricted and you’re looking to increase traffic to your website instead, then a blog is going to be your new best friend!

If you are interested in upping the online presence of your business, increasing traffic to your website and generating new sales in the virtual world, then make sure you take advantage of our expertise and get in touch.

We are a team of content creators, based in Wombourne, West Midlands, and we would love to assist you on your blogging journey!

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