When you’re running a small business, one of the most rewarding things is seeing your team members succeed.

Back when Liz joined us as an accounts admin in 2017, we knew she was the perfect fit for the role and hoped she’d progress through the ranks. Our predictions couldn’t have been more accurate! Liz was soon offered the role of Office Manager, in which she excelled, before being promoted again to Director.

She’s been a star ever since!

To find out a bit more about Liz and her journey to becoming Director, we sat down for a quick chat:


An Interview with Liz

What is your work history?

I started off as a beauty therapist which is where I met our Managing Director, Lisa. I left beauty therapy to pursue a career at The Edwards Company, starting out as accounts admin before being promoted to office manager and then again to Director.

What inspired you to follow the career path you’re currently on?

Lisa! I was looking for a change and it was though chatting to Lisa that I learnt about The Edwards Company – Lisa convinced me that I’d be an excellent fit for the team and inspired me to give it a go.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

There really wasn’t anything! At school, I was getting told which subjects I should take, which universities I should go to but I never really came across anything that stuck!

What skills do you bring to the table?

Definitely my attention to detail. I like to make sure things are done right, which means I’m in the habit of checking and double checking everything.

An interview with Liz

What is your favourite thing about being in a management role?

There’s always a variety of tasks to tackle and it’s always rewarding when things go smoothly.

What is your least favourite thing about being in a management role?

Definitely when things go wrong. I find it quite challenging when things don’t go to plan and I like everything to be right all the time.

Which of your skills do you think have best allowed you to succeed in your current role?

My attention to detail and wanting to do things right.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about your role so far?

That it’s important to prioritise. I’ve learnt that getting your to-do list done in one day is impossible, so prioritising tasks that are time sensitive is the most productive thing to do and ensures things get done on time.

Sum up your role in three words:

Interesting, busy and rewarding!

an interview with Liz

Liz’s journey is such an interesting one – it was brilliant to chat to her about it and find out how she went from beauty therapist to a Director of The Edwards Company in just a few years by transferring her time management and customer service skills to a new industry and applying herself to every task that landed on her desk.

To find out more about Liz and the rest of our team, please visit the Meet the Team page on our website – you never know what you might find out!