When your cleaning business is new, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to content. You’ll likely know the importance of content for building trust with potential customers and cultivating lasting customer relationships, but with so many content options out there, choosing the best forms of content marketing for your business can be a challenge.

As copywriters, we’ve helped many of our clients with new cleaning businesses get off on the right foot when it comes to content, so we thought we’d compile a list of our favourite content tips and tricks, starting with the content on your website.


Website Content

When you’ve got a brand-new website for your brand-new cleaning business, it can be tempting to throw everything at it. You’ll likely want to fill it with anything and everything your potential customers could ever need to know about you and your business, and while you can still do this, our first tip for your website content is to keep it simple.

When potential customers seek out your services, they’ll be looking for a solution to a problem. What you need to do via your website content is pinpoint yourself as the solution and offer it as quickly as possible. You’ll know yourself that when you’re looking for a solution to an issue you’re facing, you just want to find answers quickly. The last thing your potential customers will want to do is trawl through paragraph after paragraph on your website, searching for what they need.

Instead, make it easy for them. When we write for our clients, we break down the content into the following sections:

  • Home page content – any writing on your home page should be clear and concise and should tell your website users precisely what you do. If you’re a window cleaner working in the local area, say so. If you specialise in carpet stain removal, let them know. This will allow them to quickly make a decision about whether you’re going to offer them the solution they need – they’ll appreciate that you’ve made the decision straightforward for them.
  • About page content – this is your opportunity to give potential customers an insight into you and your business. While still keeping it simple and refined, share a little bit about yourself and your business journey so far. This will help humanise the company and start building trust between you and potential customers. Keeping this separate from your home page also gives website users a choice – they don’t need to read your About page to know what you do, but they can if they want to!
  • Service page content – having a separate page for each service makes navigating your website incredibly easy for your potential customers. Within the copy for each service, ensure you clearly state what is involved in the service and how it will benefit potential customers. Lists and bullet points work really well here.
  • Contact Us page content – your contact page should be the simplest of them all. Give your potential customers plenty of options for making contact with you and include a call to action to encourage them to convert.

That’s really all there is to it! Your website doesn’t need to be complex or overly fancy – it simply needs to state what you do and how your services can provide a solution for your potential customers. The easier you make this first experience of your cleaning company for potential customers, the more likely they will be to want to take you up on what you’re offering.

content tips for your new cleaning business

Business Blog Content

A business blog page is a fantastic addition to your new website. Having a website page that you regularly update with valuable content gives you more opportunity to provide solutions for your potential customers and improves your SEO. This means that search engines will rank your website more highly, increasing the chances of your site being clicked on by your target customers.

While the rest of your website should be kept simple, your business blog page gives you the perfect opportunity to explore all aspects of your business and the cleaning industry. You can share your business journey or business hopes and aspirations. You can write more detailed pieces of the services you can provide. You can give potential customers an insight into what you do by sharing before and after stories of jobs you’ve already completed. You can even share cleaning industry hacks and tips.

By doing so, you’ll be producing valuable content. This means that through reading your blog posts, your customers will leave with more than they came with. They’ll look to your site for advice and updates, and they’ll be more inclined to invest in what you’re offering.

Here at The Edwards Company, we specialise in blog writing for cleaning companies. If you’d like to utilise a business blog page to give your new business the beginning it deserves, check out our affordable, flexible blogging packages and get in touch to book yours.

We also share weekly business blog ideas on our social media (we know they can be difficult to come up with week after week!) – make sure you’re following us for full access.


Social Media Content

Utilising social media is one of the most effective ways to boost business exposure, especially if your business is new. Make a start by setting up profiles on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and begin posting relevant content to each.

We like to think of posting on social media as sharing miniature versions of our blog posts – you could share a snippet of industry information there and a quick before and after photo there. You could share testimonials from happy customers or test the waters by asking your audience plenty of questions about what they’d like to see from you.

Keep captions simple and straightforward, utilise hashtags (see what other similar companies are using successfully and replicate!), post when your audience is online and use eye-catching images to draw initial attention.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to engage! Follow your dream customers and start building connections with them. Like and share their posts, start conversations via the comments section and begin building customer relationships that will last.

content tips for your new cleaning business

Get Started

While you can get on board with many other forms of content marketing, starting with the big three will give your new business the start it needs. You’ll be providing simple solutions for your target customers through your website copy, giving industry insights and providing value via your blog page and sharing snippets of your company and services through your social media platforms.

The best thing you can do now is get started.

Content Support

Still struggling to make content marketing work for your new cleaning company? Let us know – we specialise in working with cleaning companies to provide them with compelling content that converts. We’re looking forward to supporting your new business!