Did you know that studies reported the opening of 315,000 start-up businesses in the UK alone during the first half of the Coronavirus pandemic? That’s a 7% increase compared to the same period in 2019.

It’s not exactly surprising – with workplaces temporarily closed, furlough schemes firmly in place and job losses at an all-time high, people have had to adapt and find new ways of making a living. And, since the whole world seems to have moved online, this adaption has taken form in thousands of new start-up businesses. The good news is, if you’re one of them, you’re in the right place!

Here at The Edwards Company, we help small start-up businesses get up and running with creative content that converts. We offer a range of copywriting packages, but our most popular by far is the ‘Small but Strong’, aptly named for its ability to create a powerful online presence, without breaking the bank.

Our ‘Small but Strong’ package provides your start-up business with:

  • 500 words of unique content
  • Proofreading
  • Grammar check
  • Editing
  • One stock image
  • Monthly telephone conversation

And the best part? It’ll only cost you £45 per month.

That’s great, you may be thinking, but what am I supposed to do with 500 words of content? And why is online copy so important anyway?

We’re glad you asked! Let us explain.

how to secure start-up business success

Why is online copy so important?

The primary purpose of online copy is to connect with your customers to get them to take action. Without an established connection, consumers can find it hard to trust you and your brand, meaning that your sales fall flat, and interest dwindles. When you have beautifully written online copy, however, it allows you to:

  • Connect with customers
  • Increase revenue
  • Establish your brand

It also enables you to achieve those all-important overall business goals of persuading prospects to purchase.

With this in mind, good copy should have the consumer at its core and should focus on their needs rather than yours. Compelling copy will make your potential customers feel as if you’re all on the same team, in the same boat, and sailing towards a shared goal. Readers will avoid copy that sounds too much like a sales pitch and will be much more inclined to buy if the content you produce is creative, personable and relatable.

Here at The Edwards Company, we work closely with start-up business owners to establish their message, brand and personality. We spend time getting to know you and your character, as well as your goals and plans for your business so that we can write content that is as personal and as relatable as possible. A far cry from yesteryear transactional marketing tactics, relationship marketing, and content that is a bit more human is much more effective.

In fact, character-driven stories (i.e. Stories that focus on humans, rather than products) can produce oxytocin in the brain, a neurochemical that enhances our sense of empathy and motivates us to co-operate with others. This is where that connection comes in – when people feel connected to you and your brand, they’re much more likely to perform the action you’re asking of them.

Marketing guru, Neil Patel, sums it up perfectly in saying:

‘As a start-up founder, you can tell a personal story, walk people step by step through how you came upon a problem, solve it, and have achieved the same goal that your target audience wants.’

After eight years of copywriting experience, we can confirm that this is absolutely true!

But why are we telling you all this? Surely, it’s easy enough to write a bit of copy yourself and see some positive results, right? Technically, yes! But it’s important to remember that your online copy is the first thing your potential customers will see, and potential customers are the most judgemental. They’re there to decide whether or not they want to purchase from you, and with so many businesses online, the standard is high and the competition tough. Without professionally written copy that really speaks to these prospects, you may run the risk of losing leads.

That’s where we come in.

How to secure start-up business success

What can you do with 500 words of unique copy a month?

A lot! It may not sound like much, but 500 words of unique copy a month to play with could be hugely beneficial to your business. You’ll boost brand awareness and increase your online presence, improve SEO and organic listings – and that’s only in the first few months!

With 500 words of unique copy you could:

  1. Develop content for your home page that instantly connects with customers

Your home page copy is crucial to conversion – it’s your most popular landing page, and it’s usually the page that potential customers will use to make a quick judgement on whether they want to buy from you or not. When working with start-up business owners, we usually begin by creating copy for their home page, setting up a solid foundation for success. And, of course, 500 words is the perfect length for home page content.

  1. Develop content for additional pages that persuades prospects

As a start-up business, you’ll want to have plenty of information on your website that allows potential customers to develop a relationship with your brand and make informed decisions. You may want to include different pages for different services, an ‘about’ page and a contact page, to name but a few. The copy on these pages is equally as important as the copy on your home page – customers will want to peruse your website to find out as much as possible about you and your brand – don’t miss out on the opportunity for purchase persuasion!

  1. Craft creative copy for product or service descriptions

500 words of unique content is great for product or service descriptions. This is yet another opportunity to convince your prospects that they’re in the right place and that your products are perfect for them. Simple yet beautifully written copy works best for this kind of content.

  1. Upload a monthly blog post to your website

Business blogs are booming right now, and for good reason! Businesses that blog receive on average 55% more website visits than those who don’t, and studies show that 70% of consumers learn about a company through blog articles rather than ads.

By having a regularly updated blog page for your business, you are frequently increasing your online presence and providing your business with endless opportunities for exposure.

At The Edwards Company, we write monthly blog posts for a vast range of start-up businesses that have signed up to our ‘Small but Strong’ package and they love the way their blog benefits their business.

How to secure start-up business success

Start-Up Business Support 

The options really are endless! Well-written copy is essential to success when you’re a start-up business.

You may have had to move your business online due to the lockdown, you might have decided to try something new after being furloughed, or you may just be starting from scratch.

Whatever your circumstances, our ‘Small but Strong’ copywriting package is perfect for kick-starting your business and giving it the exposure it deserves.

For more information on our ‘Small but Strong’ copywriting package (and all our other packages, there’s something for everyone!), please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can’t wait to embark on your new venture with you!