As Virtual Assistants, we are in an incredibly privileged position that could – technically speaking – allow us to support businesses from all over the world. With the help of the internet and the plethora of virtual communication apps and tools available to us, we could be chatting with a client in Australia one day and another in China the next. And we do! We frequently support businesses from overseas, but there’s one place we always seem to come back to;


Since establishing The Edwards Company in 2013, supporting local businesses has always been one of our main priorities. We love knowing that the hard work we put into our Virtual Assistant services is being filtered back into our local area and take pride in the fact that many of our local businesses have benefitted from our support over the years.

But where is home for us?


Our West Midlands Office

Our newer clients are always surprised to hear that, although our services are entirely virtual, we are actually office-based. Our team is significantly larger than the stereotypical one-man-band VA (there’s currently seven of us, and the team is still growing!), which means we find working in an office far more beneficial to us. We’re able to communicate with one another quickly and easily, collaborate on bigger jobs and have plenty of room to store all of our resources.

It also helps that our office is located in Wombourne. Wombourne is a large village in the West Midlands with a wide range of small (and some larger ones too!) businesses for us to support and is only a stone’s throw from bustling cities like Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Our location has given us extensive knowledge of the area, which means we know exactly how best to support its local businesses.

why west midlands

Supporting Businesses in Wombourne

Wombourne may look like a sleepy village on the surface, but it’s actually home to hundreds of thriving businesses that make it an incredibly popular place to be. Even just within walking distance of our office, there are several service-based businesses that we frequently support with credit control management.

The village setting is also great for networking. Everyone knows everyone, and word gets around, enabling us to consistently make new connections and offer support to more and more local businesses.

Knowing that these businesses are what underpins the village’s success – and knowing that we’ve played a part in allowing them to do so – is something that we’re incredibly proud of and is our main motive for focusing our attention on local businesses.


Supporting Businesses in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is Wombourne’s closest city, meaning it’s filled with booming businesses of all shapes and sizes. From brand new start-ups to established SMEs, many companies in this area look to us to support them with our Virtual Assistant services.

Because of our dedication to supporting local businesses, whatever their size, we’ve developed a range of credit control packages that offer varying levels of support that seem to be very popular amongst our Wolverhampton clients! We love that so many of these businesses are constantly expanding their horizons and are proud to be putting our services to good use in this city.

Supporting Businesses in Birmingham

Birmingham-based businesses make up a large proportion of our client-pool  – and for good reason! Birmingham is filled with thriving businesses that are constantly growing, and therefore often require external support to maintain behind-the-scenes tasks like credit control.

Again, our varied range of credit control packages helps support Birmingham businesses of all sizes. We love knowing that our services are supporting some of the best businesses in the area.

why west midlands

Supporting your Local Business

If you’re starting a West Midlands based business or already have an established business in the area that you think may benefit from a Virtual Assistant service specialising in credit control, we can help. With decades of combined experience in account management and a team of credit control experts on hand, we’re able to support your business from behind the scenes so that you can focus on the main event.

While there is no limit to the amount of support we can offer (we’re guided by you!), our credit control packages are frequently used by our local clients. They include:

  • Eight hours of credit control monthly – perfect for start-up businesses looking for an extra pair of hands during their business growth stage, or perhaps temporary/sick cover for larger businesses.
  • 16 hours of credit control monthly – incredibly popular with our local SME clients as it provides a large amount of support without breaking the bank
  • 40 hours of credit control monthly – perfect for larger businesses or those that are expanding rapidly and require optimum support to keep things running smoothly
  • Ad hoc – completely flexible credit control on an as and when basis, perfect for businesses with fluctuating or seasonal workloads

Effective credit control management is vital for every business. It ensures cash flow remains positive, payments are made on time, and the risk of aged debt is reduced. We know how much of an impact an ill-managed credit control system can have on overall business success, which is why we go above and beyond to support our local businesses as they continue to thrive and grow.


If your business is based in Wombourne, Wolverhampton, Birmingham or the wider West Midlands area and you feel you may benefit from our Virtual Assistant services, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to support your local business!